Our methodology

  All our teachers agree that the best way to learn a language is to use it. You will acquire new concepts in class through the use of the language, not through unending lectures. Our teachers offer dynamic classes with a fun and relaxed atmosphere, where you will feel at ease and happy to participate in all activities. Our groups are reduced, so your teacher can give you all the attention you need. Tutors in the school will make sure all your needs are covered and they will cater for your needs specifically. Apart from in class, you’ll be able to practice your Spanish in the cultural activities and excursions that the school organises. Thus, you’ll be able to order your food and drink in real Spanish and practise with the bartenders whenever we go for tapas, you will be able to learn how to salsa with native teachers and show off not only your moves, but also your language skills with whomever you’re dancing. We’ll watch movies in original version every week (either at the cinema or the school) and we’ll chat about them after. We’ll also offer talks about culture, history and multiculturality in Spain
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and Latin America We believe there is nothing that beats learning a language in the country that it is spoken because you get to learn the language but also breath its smells, soak up its colours, adapt to the new timetables, eat and enjoy its food, … all in all, you’ll live like a Spaniard would!


The different levels that the School offers are the following (following the European Framework of Reference for Languages): Spanish LevelsDELE LevelsCatalan Levels
In Barcelona School of Spanish we also offer Catalan classes. Catalan is a romance language spoken by more than 11 million people in different areas of Spain that are close to the Mediterranean and also in the south of France, in Sardinia (Italy) and in Andorra, where it is the official language of the country. Both Spanish and Catalan are official in Catalunya (there are four official languages in Spain) and spoken by its population, which is considered to be bilingual.
This first contact with the language at an elementary level helps the student be competent in communicative situations involving immediate needs or everyday life situations.
The student is able to understand utterances and expressions from everyday life (basic information about oneself and the family, shopping, places of interest, jobs, etc). At the end of this level you’ll be able to sit an official exam, the Certificat de Nivell Bàsic de Català (A Bàsic)
The student can understand the main points of texts spoken and written in standard varieties of Catalan that are not excessively local, provided that they involve well-known topics related to work, studies or everyday life. The students will be able to produce simple, coherent texts about well-known topics or issues of personal interest, such as describing experiences, events, wishes, plans, and aspirations, or expressing opinions. You will be able to sit an exam for Cerficat de Nivell Elemental.
The students understand the gist of complex spoken and written texts, including those about abstract topics, presented in diverse varieties of Catalan, or of a technical nature, especially if they are about specialized areas of knowledge with which they are familiar. At the end of this level you’ll be able to sit an exam for Certificat de Nivell Intermedi (B)
The students are able to understand a wide variety of long, quite demanding texts, as well as recognise
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implicit meanings in them and express themselves fluently and spontaneously, without any obvious effort to find the right words while also being able to produce clear, well-structured, detailed texts on topics having a certain level of complexity, with correct use of mechanisms for organising and articulating a cohesive text. At the end of this level you will be able to sit Certificat de nivell de Suficiència (C).
certifies sufficient linguistic competence to perfectly handle any kind of situation, proving a spontaneous capacity of adaptation to any context, with a great deal of semantic and grammatical precision. The language users express themselves fluently, with a high degree of specialization and complexity. At the end of this level you will be able to sit Cerificat de nivell Superior (D).