Private Spanish Classes

One to one/two

We offer private tuition with our highly qualified expert teachers, who will cater for your specific needs and will adapt 100% to your timetables

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and requirements. You decide what, where and when.
Private lessons:Price per hourTotal price
per hour4242
10 hour pack40400
25 hour pack39975
one to two:Price hour/personTotal price/person
per hour2727
10 hour pack25250
25 hour pack23575
Writing workshop.
If you need to improve your written Spanish, we offer these monographic classes where you will work textual typology and composition techniques that will help you develop your production of Spanish texts with the help of our Experienced teachers.
Grammar workshop.
These sessions have been designed as an implement to DELE, intensive and regular courses (B1 onwards). Once every week you will be able to work only on grammatical doubts that may arise in class so that you can follow your courses smoothly.